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Dear Friends of the GCVI Arch,

G.C.V.I. would be honoured to have you join us for the official unveiling of our commemorative arch located on the corner of Paisley and Yorkshire.

The picture on the right shows the back side of the arch, which is currently being assembled on the pillars. The concept for the arch was conceived eight years ago, with construction taking place over the past four years, and we are so pleased that it will finally be complete.

We will be gathering outside around the arch with other guests, staff and students on December 22 at 12:00 pm for the official unveiling.

This will take approximately 10 minutes and then you are all invited into the staff room for refreshments.

We hope that you will be able to join us because you played a significant role in helping this project become reality. 


Lloyd Lewis
We wish to sincerely thank our Sponsors.

G.C.V.I. Alumni
Guelph Lion's Club
Larry Pearson
Craig Dool Property
Guelph Rotary Charitable Foundation

TD Canada Trust
Stonework by Jamie Kiff and Chris Smith
Duimering Concrete

Artwork by Brennan Stamford
Grand River Natural Stone
La Farge Concrete
Land Survey Van. Marten
Peter Robinson
Paul H. Armstrong
The Bearsford Family